About KFRH

The French Lick Airport is a municipal airport in Southern Indiana serving the French Lick, Indiana and West Baden, Indiana area




With a culture of warm and friendly people, the French Lick, Indiana and West Baden, Indiana area offers family-oriented recreational activities throughout all four delightful Southern Indiana seasons. Enjoy the pleasures of the outdoors, the distinctive flavor of Southern Indiana wineries, and exciting casino gaming -- or perhaps the decadence of the indoors in lavish historic Southern Indiana hotels -- you will experience it all with beautiful hillside vistas.

And at the heart of it all is your gateway to the French Lick, Indiana and West Baden, Indiana area – the French Lick Airport.

New Airport Terminal

In existence since 1964, the French Lick Airport has been serving small aircraft pilots for over forty years. Prior to 1990, there were no airport hangar facilities on the airport grounds. With the addition of airport hangar facilitiesin ensuing years, the airport saw a boom in usage.

Following the development of the beautiful French Lick Resort and Casino and the historic West Baden Springs Hotel, the French Lick Airport saw even more growth, as more and more visitors were looking for easy access to these exciting destinations.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the French Lick, Indiana and West Baden, Indiana area – and hope you find the French Lick Airport enables you to begin – and end - your visit easily, conveniently and pleasurably.

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